Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa County is committed acting as leaders to create a community dedicated to serving the needs of the aging community. A significant part of that is providing education and information to families and the community at large on issues that pertain to long-term care and aging. Our trainings are free of charge and cover the following areas:

We offer a broad range of topics some of which are listed below:

  • Long Term Care Options
  • The role of the ombudsman
  • Transitioning a loved one to a facility
  • Transitioning a loved one back home
  • The changing role of the caregiver when moving to long-term care
  • Your Loved One’s Rights in Long Term Care
  • Family Meetings
  • Understanding the caregivers role for clients with Alzheimer’s/Dementia
  • Elder Abuse — recognizing, reporting, preventing

Who Should Attend

  • Family members  and friends of those living in long term care facilities
  • Caregivers and Care Partners
  • Community members who may have concerns about their neighbors, congregation members, etc.
  • General public or anyone who would like to learn more

If you would like to have a Field Ombudsman present to your community group please call Nicole at 925-384-1124